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Lending India – – Lending in India offers you personal loan for your personal need across India upto ₹ 50 Lacs to fulfill all your personal financial need
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Personal Loan in India

Lending India – – Lending in India offers you personal loan for your personal need across India upto ₹ 50 Lacs to fulfill all your personal financial need.

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lending india loan
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    Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible to get a loan by processing with us, you should fulfil the eligibility criteria as per principal Banks and NBFCs. Common eligible critiera are as below:
    • Must be Resident of India.
    • Age must be 21 years to 60 years.
    • Salaried or Self Employed can Apply.
    • Minimum monthly income critieria for Salaried ₹ 20,000 nett take at home with bank credit and ₹ 10000 must be average bank balance for Self Employed.
    • We are active across India where our principal Banks and NBFCs are allowed across 60+ Cities.

    Loan Documents Required

    To get a loan instantly, you should keep some documents handy before you start applying as per loan product. Below are basic documents for your reference:
    Proof of Identity: PAN Card
    Proof of Address: Aadhaar card, Election card, Driving License, Rental agreement, Utility bills etc.
    Proof of Income: Last 3 month salary slip with 3 months bank statements for Salaried and Last 6 Month bank statement with IT return and Business registration proof for Self Employed
    A Selfie picture or A Passport photo

    Credit Score

    What is a good credit score required to get a loan?

    Have you ever been to a bank for a personal loan and got rejected because your credit score was low? Yeah, we get you! Credit Score is a 3-digit number on which banks and NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Corporations, such as loan and insurance companies, co-operative banks, stock broking firms, etc.) evaluate your capacity to pay the loan on time.

     Range Grade
    0 or -1No Credit History
     300 – 550Bad Credit History
     551 – 649 Poor Credit History
     650 – 699 Fair Credit History
     700 – 749 Good Credit History
     750 and aboveExcellent Credit History

    EMI Calculator - Loan Costing

    Loan Amount Reducing Rate of Interest Monthly Tenure Monthly EMI
    1,00,000 16% 36 Month 3,516
    5,00,000 14% 60 Month 11,634
    10,00,000 11% 60 Month 21,742
    50,00,000 9% 120 Month 63,338
    1,00,00,000 8% 240 Month 83,644
    5,00,00,000 7% 2400 Month 3,87,649

    About Personal Loan

    personal loan
    Personal Loan

    Lending India – – Lending in India offers you personal loan for your personal need across India upto ₹ 50 Lacs to fulfill all your personal financial need for any personal use purpose of wedding, home rennovation, travel, education, emergency, medical, marriage, anniversary, mobile purchase, washing machinary purchase, laptop purchase, computer purchase, television purchase etc.

    The manner in which we are banking these days is evolving quickly. The cycle is presently getting paperless and quicker. With the consistently developing need of moment cash for health related crises, acquisition of an enormous resource, wedding or travel costs, vehicle or home fix costs or any spontaneous occasion, the requirement for moment credits online is expanding as well. One can’t go through 1 fourteen days to get a base credit of ₹.5,000. Moment advances are getting well known because of its short application technique and speedy handling time.

    Personal Loan Easy and Instant

    To know about Personal Loan it is very important for you to understand the concept at first. Personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be used for personal expenses or fulfillment of personal aims. It can be made available to you for any purpose, whether a marriage, to buy property, to start business, to buy car, to renovate your house, to travel abroad, to educate your children, to meet medical expenses, etc.

    Personal Loan is something that fulfills all your needs for which you keep grumbling always.

    To get a personal loan the first thing is proper planning. Know what you need to do with the loan amount, how will you repay the loan amount, what will be the EMI amount, what will be the interest rate given to you, whether the rate of interest will be fixed all through or floating, etc. generally a personal loan amount ranges from 50,000 to 20 lacs. It depends upon your monthly income or salary as to what should be your EMI. EMIs can be calculated with the professional EMI calculators given by the banks or financial institutions. This will help you to know the exact figure you need to save every month in order to clear payments.

    Personal Loan: Some advantages/ benefits

    Personal Loan with no collateral security:

    Personal Loan is generally having no collateral security; it plays a role of secured Personal loan. Here, when the bank provides you with loan of your required amount, it doesn’t ask you to pledge any asset or property or any valuable item against the money given like in the case of gold loan.

    Easy documentation

    Personal Loan doesn’t require heavy and lengthy paper work. The procedures of application and sanctioning Personal Loan can be completed with minimal paper work. In secured loans, this is the best advantage.

    No limitation on end use of Personal loan

    All that the bank or creditors are concerned with is whether you are able to repay and whether you are repaying the borrowed money on time. They see whether you pay the amount with the given interest rate according to the terms and conditions already stated and disclosed by the bank. The banks want you to follow the procedures, therefore they verify all about your salary, business or employment, your location, etc.

    Personal Loan amount

    Loan amount can range from 50,000 to 30 lacs. You can select any amount that is required for you to fulfill your personal needs, not denying the fact of paying the amount back with complete capacity and amount present with you.

    Personal Loan: Compare and Buy

    Comparing personal loan interest rate with other banks or institutions is mandatory so that you easily save money and can know the market rate of such interest provided to you. Personal interest loan rates should be compared on the basis of your loaned amount and salary, income, profession, etc personal interest rate is generally granted from 12% to 25%.

    Apart from comparing interest rates, you also need to look in for the other fee or charges that are applicable along with the interest rates. Te pre payment fee, documentation fee, service charges, etc can shell out your pocket, so be careful and make the most effective and affordable deal.

    Whenever you are presented lots of options and different companies Personal Loan with different interest amounts, tenure, etc you should not immediately nod your head towards the most attractive package. Think a while, compare these plans with the most reputed bank deals and offers, see whether you are getting an option that matches all your needs, whether you will be able to handle the loan amount you have accepted, and then move on with it.

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